TEAK WONDER Dressing & Sealer

TEAK WONDER Dressing & Sealer

The TEAK WONDER® DRESSING & amp; Sealer is a safe and durable protective, not oil-based, which gives the tek a pleasing golden color no darker.
Special components in TEAK WONDER® DRESSING & amp; SEALER tend to seal the pores of the wood preventing the ingress of dust and dirt and UV protection of the natural teak oils, slowing the oxidation and discoloration. The treatment counteracts the penetration of liquid in the timber such as diesel, oil, blood, fish, paint, which, if not allowed to dry, can be removed easily.

The TEAK WONDER® DRESSING & amp; Sealer does not smell, does not make the polished teak and / or slippery, it is not sticky and dries quickly, does not darken the surface and does not accumulate.
For better treatment we may want to take two coats of the product (with heavy strokes) on the new teak or just treated with TEAK CLEANER and TEAK WONDER® WONDER® brightener, but perfectly dry, and the next hand after 8-12 weeks, without repeat the cleaning treatment. The product should be mixed thoroughly before use.
Clean any drips on the surfaces not teak.

The product yield is 5-6 m2 / lt


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