Marlin VELOX PLUS antifouling

Antifouling for propellers, feet, axes, flaps, rudders and other parts of the propulsion system.
And ‘with an exceptional adherence and effectiveness thanks to its combination of active ingredients and soluble and insoluble resins.
Not dergrada nor with the movement, nor with galvanic currents, nor with cavitation.
E ‘used successfully on surface propellers and waterjets, traditional fixed propellers, folding, or variable pitch.
It ‘easy to apply, being careful to follow the directions in particular as regards the preparation of the metal surfaces.
Not compatible with other antifouling and is applied only on the METAL PRIMER.

VELOX PLUS is the most appreciated product of the entire MARLIN range and is now exported all over the world, from America to Australia, European and Far East.
Tens of thousands of boats are successfully using VELOX PLUS, the number growing both in Italy and abroad thanks to the excellent results obtained, the growing demand and the expansion of the distribution network.
VELOX PLUS meets the most stringent standards and has recently been approved by the entities for the US Environmental Protection Agency and Australia, considered among the most stringent in the world.

Color: White, Grey Sweden, Black, Orange Fluo.
Thinner: No. 4
Application: Brush, Spray
Size: 0,25L; 0.5L; 2,5L
Specific gravity: 1.25 to 1.35


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