Marlin IDRON antifouling water

Marlin IDRON antifouling water

All the power of water in a revolutionary antifouling.
IDRON is an antifouling hard matrix with a unique combination of resins and active ingredients.
It provides an extremely smooth and sliding film even if applied with a brush, can also be sanded in order to obtain an even more smooth finish.
Thanks to special additives to surface containing PTFE (Teflon), the dell’imbarcazioni performance improves up to 10% compared to traditional self-polishing antifouling.
Its hard and sliding die, the great effectiveness and the ability to clean the hull before competitions without removing paint make it the ideal choice for racing yachts. Its unique formulation makes it extremely effective for both high performance boats, fast or very frequent use is to slow cruise boats that park along the berth.
IDRON also has a lower environmental impact and makes it more safe and healthy working environment, being devoid of solvents.

IDRON is easy to apply, like a mural; is equipped with a quick-drying, can be diluted with water and also applied with a brush creates an extremely smooth and regular surface.
Its film has a very low thickness (about 25 microns per coat dry), that allows to IDRON not accumulate too thick while being an antifouling tough and insoluble. Also not dirty when the boat is winged and clean with the pressure washer, with significant economic benefits for the storage yards (less maintenance of settling basins) and the ecosystem (less waste at sea).

Color: Grey, Black, Blue, Red
Thinner: Water
Application: Brush, Airless
Size: 0,75L; 2,5L
Specific Gravity: 1.75 to 1.85


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