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We offer a full service provider of nautical ropes and splices for any use.
The peaks are divided into two broad categories, flat tops which are formed by strands and woven tops consist of single or double braids. In the first case, the cable is twisted to obtain a strand. More strands twisted together form a strand which in turn is woven with other strands forming, in fact, the flat top.
In the second case the strands obtained are twisted together to form a tubular. The strands, or melted and the way they are processed between them, give a certain thickness, strength and elasticity to the soul of the top which is the main part having the role of supporting, in some cases, heavy loads.
Already in ancient times, the peaks were adopted for any type of activity within the ship and splices were, as always, necessary work by coating a high role and responsibilities.

What is the Provveditoria Marittima task?
Each type of splicing is different based on the probable which will make the summit in question and that is where we come in to Provveditoria Marittima, to make you get the tops with the most appropriate materials, all types (three-strand, halyards and sheets) and to carry out the splicing processes that are appropriate to your needs.

We carry out:

  • splices, sensitive eye: a flat cable without or with thimble, single braid, double braid with or without socks
  • the splice junction
  • mooring ropes

We also guarantee:

  • rapidity in providing of splice
  • preparation for constant use and long-term
  • assistance, maintenance of processing and consulting
  • Pre test – bedding to ensure the stability and success splice


We provide any kind of rigging suitable for every need and of any size.
The pressing of the cables is an integral part for vessels for safe navigation.
The steel cables are widely used in the nautical industry and consist of:

  • halyards, ie tops or natural fiber, synthetic or metal used to hoist the sail.
  • the forestay (also said forestay) that is a metal cable made which supports the mast of a boat or a ship from the front (bow).
  • lifeline: Live wire between the stanchions or pulpits of vessels, in order to prevent accidental falls off the edge of the passengers.

Through our work we get a real personalization of wire ropes with compatible terminals for your purposes.
We orient ourselves on innovative design solutions for many applications and for different needs, and we perform pressings due to our modern hydraulic presses.
Make the pressings is a very delicate step and you need to be equipped with special equipment able to “cold melt” the cable to be used.

What is this process?

As regards the shrouds of rope with within the heart of steel, it is used a manual hydraulic press. This type of processing will ensure a greater sealing security, thanks to the screw shape which hangs the steel inside the ferrule.
For the rod, namely pure stainless steel cable, the operation turns out to be different. It is used an electric hydraulic machine with other types of attacks and with a force, of course, greater.
The difficulty is not simply in pressing, but in the maintenance of lengths and in the calculation of the percentage elongation of the cable, we are able to guarantee 100% the correct measurement of the rigging.
We provide consulting services and take care of all the operations that are needed for the replacement and measuring cables and calibrate perfectly rigging to ensure a long-term safe navigation.


The revision rafts is a procedure that must be carried out compulsorily to sail in complete safety, in accordance with current legislation and in compliance with their own insurance.

How to revise their raft?
Simple, should take in one of the authorized centers of revisions to this type of processing.

Will be performed:

  • overpressure test and tightness of the pneumatic
  • control and valve replacement
  • control
  • pressing and cylinder exchange
  • armament control
  • verification of the emergency equipment on
  • replacement of equipment due
  • Any replacement of the container
  • any inspection and replacement of the “food”
  • complete cleaning of the raft

We Provveditoria Marittima are the official dealers of Eurovinil companies, Plastimar and Osculati and we will deal obtain their raft from boats, deliver it to the officer in charge for processing and completely overhauled it back inside of your ships personally managing all the necessary paperwork .

You will not have to worry about anything, we will take care of everything!


We Provveditoria Marittima we are an authorized dealer Campingaz engaged in the supply of gas cylinders of about 2, 3 or 5 kg.

Campingaz was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce the cartridges and gas bottles constructed to every need.
It is also possible, in our point of sale, not only buy the cylinders, but also make the exchange with the reference charging.
Each charge is checked and tested at authorized service centers and have the identifying mark the testing occurred.