Provveditoria Marittima San Giorgio by Alberto Nicora

Provveditoria Marittima San Giorgio by Alberto Nicora

A guarantee in the field

Provveditoria Marittima, it is not only a name, but also a guarantee that in Genoa has made history by becoming, with his experience and professionalism, a great landmark in the field of recreational boating.
Count on Provveditoria, its wide range of products that will not disappoint!

The processes that we do


Provveditoria Marittima is able to weave for you any type of top, the three wires to halyards sheets according to your needs.

Pressing cables

Pressing are performed for each type of rigging this boat, especially for the prevention of accidents and trapezoids present in the kit.

Rafts revision

This step is very important to be able to navigate safely. Provveditoria will take on this task for Eurovinil companies, Plastimar and Osculati.


Provveditoria Marittima offers a cylinder service Campingaz 2, 3 or 5 kg. Safe, reviewed and tested before being sold.

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